Brick flashing is a vital part of the masonry construction process.  The purpose of flashing for brick is to direct moisture, which has accumulated in the wall system, to the exterior and in so doing, prevent moisture from deteriorating building components. This 1-hour online interactive course is an introduction to flashing for brick. The course begins by discussing the key locations on a building where through-wall flashing should be installed, followed by an explanation of the proper treatment for ends and edges of through-wall flashing.  The next  topic covers the advantages and disadvantages of a number of different flashing materials that are available for use.  The course then concludes by describing a number of ways to make the flashing details actually work in the field.

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of flashing in the performance of a masonry wall.
  • Place and configure flashing at key points in cavity drainage wall construction.
  • Discuss options for flashing and drainage materials.
  • List practical installation guidelines for flashing.